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Tess has a knack for really simplifying a a lot of information and making it easy to understand. That is valuable when you are trying to build a meal plan. She also has a passion for showing people how great they can feel on a healthy diet. 

The 'Silver' package will teach you the basics of nutrition so you can eat better, feel fuller and increase your energy levels. With meal ideas, macronutrient information and so much more, it is the perfect place to start!

Gold Service

Looking for something more personalised? Inside the 'Gold' package you’ll receive a total of six weekly check-ins from Tess herself. You’ll also get a clear guide of what to eat every day, as well as recipes for you to follow along with.

Each day of the week has been thoughtfully planned out to help your body reach its optimal fat burning state! This is ideal if you are looking for accountability, 1-2-1 guidance and consistent support from a qualified professional.


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