Meet The Team

Our goal is simple: we want to provide people all over the world with the highest quality health & fitness information at the right time, regardless of their location or access to traditional healthcare and fitness facilities.

Highly Qualified Team

One source for all services within one convenient location. We take care of your training, nutrition and injury rehabilitation all under the one roof.

We Bring The Gym To You

If you have other priorities, want to save time or simply do not want to go into a gym then we can bring our gym to you. This way you never miss a session!

Work With Us Anywhere

Train efficiently on your own time, knowing that your plan is developed by professionals with many years of experience.

Conor Corcoran

If you are ready to get serious about achieving your goals then Conor is the coach for you.

From FC Grenoble Rugby, Arsenal Football Club, Meath GAA, Irish Rugby & The British & Irish Lions he has been worked with some of the best athletes in the world. Backed with all of his knowledge and experience, Conor has developed a simple, fun and practical system that anyone, no matter what age or body type, can follow.

As a qualified Sports Rehabilitator, his extensive knowledge of training, injuries and human movement are a huge asset to Collective Fitness. His experience rehabilitating and treating athletes means that he delivers fast results for all types of pain.

James Norton

James is an ex-professional rugby player who represented both Leinster and Connacht whilst captaining the Irish Rugby 7's in the Hong Kong World Cup in 2005.

As a man with an ambitious vision, since finishing with rugby, he has made his business (The Punnet Healthstore) grow from a one man operation with a single store, to a chain with stores all over Dublin.

Backed by his knowledge of sports nutrition, James ensures that all of our client's and community members are that bit more educated around what they should be eating to perform at a high level, while improving their health and fitness.

Jack McGrath

8 British & Irish Lions Cap’s (Including 3 Test Matches v New Zealand), 3 Six Nations Championships (Including 1 Grand Slam), 1 Rugby World Cup Appearances, 3 European Champions Cup’s, 1 European Challenge Cup, 4 Guinness Pro14 Trophies & 1 All-Ireland League Winners Medal are just some of the few achievements Jack has made in the game so far.

A team’s performance is based on the players they have, therefore having Jack as a major part of the business is a great benefit to our clients, he is constantly giving them motivation to train harder and push themselves to new levels of fitness. His presence alone gives us a huge sense of pride in the company.

Tess Revell

“We all start somewhere and there’s always a reason why we start!"

Tess was diagnosed with Biliary Atresia, a rare life-threatening liver disease when she was born. However she lived/lives as if she does not have it.

Growing up she always knew she wanted to do something with the body but never really knew what or how, when Tess was 17 she had a very unexpected colon surgery and discovered that she had obstructions in her small intestine, this drastically changed my diet and resulted in a period of trial and error with food. Having had multiple reactions to various foods, she knew she wanted to help and educate other through understanding her body better.

Today she couldn’t be healthier or fitter than she is right now, and it’s all thanks to a holistic view on life and health, existing separately to her disease, understanding her body and what HER body needs in order to flourish.

In her own words..."Diet is not one size fits all, it’s what works for you and your body. No one is perfect, I make mistakes and eat things I shouldn’t and face the consequences but it’s all about acknowledging this that leads you in the right direction"