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I prefer to train at home, can I still follow your plan?

Yes! We have continued to program workouts for those who are training at home with limited access to equipment. We recommend that you at least have some dumbbells & kettlebells. If you have access to some cardio equipment that would be fantastic but we can work around it regardless.

I live abroad, can I work with Collective Fitness remotely?

Of course you can! You can read above that we have an Online Coaching section. If you need more information then drop Conor and email at Alternatively, you can click here to get the process started.

I have a history of injuries and need some advice with training?

Sorry to hear that you have had to go through a number of injuries, but, we can certainly help you. Conor is a highly skilled Sports Rehabilitator who is qualified to deal with those who are injured or have been in the past. You can contact him at

Is there a minimum commitement?

If you are signed up to our Monthly Membership then you can come and go as you please on a monthly basis. 

If you are working with us remotely through our Online Coaching then we do require a 3 month commitment, this was chosen because it brings about the best results for our clients.